About me

About me

Inspiration causes us to gather information about the subject,
so we know what works, what doesn’t, what has been done, what hasn’t, what needs to be done.

Hi, I’m Duane Miller. My mission in life is conveying hope to people. Hope produces joy which, in turn, increases productivity. Everyone will face a difficult circumstance in life. Sometimes the circumstance can be overwhelming. My passion is to declare, by every possible means, that when you think you are finished, your story isn’t over! I have been speaking in public for over half a century, but still find the most exciting part of my day is sharing my life and the hope I have found.

Over the years, I have sung on some major stages, hosted a 2-hour drive-time talk show in a major radio market, built an insurance agency and company, drilled some oil wells (I am from Texas you know), and been deeply involved in ministry. My audiences have ranged from the church-house to the jail-house to the penthouse.

In 1990 I was told be the best doctors in the world that I had lost my voice and would never recover. I didn’t for 3 years as they ran every diagnostic test available and attempted treatments without success. I lived through the anxiety and depression of those days and am excited to share the joy of my story with you and your group.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am anxious to speak with you!

Highlights about Duane’s Story!


IT doesn’t matter in what industry you work or what your position is within a company, progress is always about change. YOU can change the world. Innovate where you think impossibility rules!

Change begins with an idea, an inspiration. Something in our emotions is stirred and we respond to it. That inspiration compels us to gather as much information as we can find. What works? What has been tried and failed? What needs to be tried?

As we analyze the information we begin to identify ways to make a difference and suddenly, the inspiration has become an intention. Now we’re about changing the world.

Acting on our intention to make a difference we begin to implement our ideas. Implementation actually makes the change.

So from an inspiring story comes the gathering of information which creates a desire for change and an intent to do so. The implementation of the intention makes the change and the result is…Innovation.