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Moving audiences from impossible to inspired!

Hi, I’m Duane MIller. My mission in life is conveying hope to people.  Hope produces joy which, in turn, increases productivity.  Everyone will face a difficult circumstance in life.  Sometimes the circumstance can be overwhelming.  My passion is to declare, by every possible means, that when you think you are finished, your story isn’t over!  I have been speaking in public for over half a century, but still find the most exciting part of my day is sharing my life and the hope I have found.

Duane’s experience took him from the concert stage to the Company C-Suite (how about an $800M company??)

Innovation statement

IT doesn’t matter in what industry you work or what your position is within a company, progress is always about change. YOU can change the world. Innovate where you think impossibility rules.

Duane’s three takeaways for your audience:


My story is one
of overcoming the impossible.


Inspiration without a personal application is a fairy tale. I share the “how to” from my years of experience so that my audience believes they can put the idea to work.


The intent of each program is to effect change in a person or an organization

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